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Costs and Profits of Raising 3000 Chickens

The free-range chickens raised in the ecological breeding mode are favored by the public because of their high quality meat and pure health. Therefore, in recent years, more and more people have spotted the market prospects of the free-range chickens, and have flooded into the free-range chicken ecology. Among the breeding army, before the ecological breeding of free-range chickens, everyone is most concerned about the cost and profit of free-range chickens. The following is an example of the cost and profit of raising 3,000 free-range chickens. Learn about chicken costs and profits.

First, the cost of raising 3000 free-range chickens
  Raising a soil cock is 3.5 kilograms, and it costs about 20 yuan to raise chickens. The cost of 3000 yuan is about 60,000 yuan. If the locals like to eat hens, raising 3,000 hens will cost about 40,000 yuan. . The specific analysis is as follows:
  The specific cost of raising 3000 free-range native chickens is 3 yuan per chicken for a total of 9,000 yuan; 2 yuan for vaccines and drugs requires a total of 6,000 yuan; a feed for the brooding period and a supplementary grain of 10 yuan each are required. 30,000 yuan. Therefore, the cost of raising 3000 free-range chickens is about 45,000 yuan.
  Profits from raising 3000 free-range chickens
  The key to the profit of raising chickens depends on how the local market is doing. The local chicken market in the south is still good. There are more people eating and the price is good. The profit of each chicken ranges from a dozen to dozens.
  Estimated profit of free-range chickens: raising 500 chickens per month and raising 3,000 chickens per month as an example: using our technology to raise a local chicken for 4 months can reach 2.5-3 kg. The breeding cost is 15 yuan. The general price of ecological chickens is between 13 and 20 yuan. Based on 15 yuan / kg, the average weight of each chicken is 2.5 kilograms. The net profit of an ecological chicken is around 10-20 yuan. With an annual sales of 3,000 chickens, the annual net profit is 30,000 to 60,000 yuan.
  In fact, the cost and profit of raising 3000 free-range chickens introduced in the article are only approximate estimates. The cost and profit of free-range chickens will be different due to the different market conditions of chicken farming in each region and the different types of ecologically-raised free-range chickens. But in short, if everyone wants to obtain the benefits of chicken farming, they must master the technical knowledge of chicken farming, carefully raise chicken flocks, and strictly follow the ecological farming model for free-range chicken farming, and there will always be gains.

How to reduce chicken costs? It is important to reduce feed waste

The cost of chicken feed is a big part of the cost of raising chickens. If you can reduce the cost of chicken feed, it will greatly reduce the cost of breeding. Then how can you save the cost of feed without affecting the growth and development of chickens? That is to reduce the waste of chicken feed. In the actual feeding, it is easy for the feed to be spilled by the chickens on the ground. This situation not only causes feed waste but also causes health problems. Through some modifications, this can be prevented to the maximum In this case, here are a few ways to save feed for everyone

.First, chicks
  When feeding chicks, many people sprinkle the feed directly on the plastic film and let the chickens eat. In fact, this will cause a lot of waste. In general, it is better to use a special plate for the chicken. It should not be too high. It can be 2cm. Then don't put too much into it at one time.

  Second, the trough
  People who have raised chickens know that chickens like to plan the ground. So, do n’t overfill the feed trough. If the chicken is overfilled, sometimes the feed will be everywhere during the planing process. Will cause waste. According to scientific data statistics, it is enough to add the trough to 1/3. If it is too full, the waste rate is at least 10%. Then, depending on the size of the chicken, the choice of trough is different.
  Third, storage
  Don't buy too much feed at one time. If the storage place is not managed properly, it will be prone to mildew. For example, it is easy to break in the summer when the temperature is high. In addition, if the storage place is too humid, the feed is also easy to break.

  Fourth, anti-rat
  When you raise chickens, you must pay attention to heatstroke prevention. Rats not only steal eggs but also feed. Almost every chicken farm may be troubled by mice, and this kind of things reproduce very quickly. Set up more mouse traps . In addition to mice, be careful of some birds. The waste caused in this regard is actually not small.

  Five, match
  In addition to these wastes, also pay attention to a feed utilization problem. If you don't pay attention to the mix, then the chicken will not be digested well, but it is actually a waste.
  The above are a few ways to reduce feed waste and reduce the cost of raising chickens. In fact, the utilization rate of chickens for feed is very low, and there are a lot of nutrients in chicken manure. Therefore, some people use chicken manure as fish feed to feed fish. Can increase feed utilization.

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