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Types Of pond and plant Decorations

Types of ponds

Depending on what function you plan to equip with the pond you have built, artificial tanks can be divided into several categories.


This category includes artificial tanks with significant dimensions. Such a pond, built on the cottage with its own hands, as in the photograph, not only has decorative properties, but also allows you to refresh or even swim without leaving the place.


The pond is suitable not only for fishing enthusiasts. Your family members, especially children, will enjoy spending time by the lake watching bright and beautiful fish.

Mini pond in the ground

Small water body, which is an element of landscape composition. It serves purely decorative functions and does not imply the location of the recreation area around it.

Decorative pond in the garden

DIY garden pond, central location recreation area. The combination of sufficient size and beautiful design not only brings pleasure to the eyes, but also adds pleasant cold days.


After deciding on the functionality of the tank, it is worth moving on to choosing a style in which the decorative pond in the country will be executed. There are two main options.
  1. Formal (normal) pond. Artificial pond of strict geometric shape. Ideal if you want to emphasize the geometric shapes of the structure or the site itself. Creates a sense of order, looks appropriate alongside geometrically regular beds, lawns and other decorative elements on site.
  2. Landscape pond in the country. It is done in any form and fits very easily into the surrounding landscape. This option fits every style and looks as natural as possible. Its design requires considerably less effort than equipping a geometric reservoir.

Seat selection

Of great importance in the organization of the pond in the country with his own hands, as in the photo in the article, is the terrain. On flat surfaces you can place a pond in the garden of any style and size. Lands with irregularities create additional difficulties in deciding how to create an artificial pond, but can also serve as natural cascades and ridges for waterfalls.
It is necessary to arrange a pond with a fountain in a summer house in the countryside in an open area so that the reservoir is visible from all corners of the country house. The depth of the groundwater, the qualitative composition of the soil can affect the permissible depth of the tank as well as the complexity of the work and the use of other materials. When considering how to build a pond in the countryside with your own hands, several other important points are worth considering.

  1. Compatibility with the environment.   Visible from all sides, a mini pond in the ground should be combined with buildings and green areas on site.
  2. Web lighting.   To place the tank, it is preferable to choose the shaded spot on the spot. This prevents increased water evaporation. In addition, the long-term exposure to direct sunlight has a high probability of active development of microorganisms in water, which negatively affects the aesthetic component.
  3. Environment.   Do not abuse vegetation near an artificial pond. The long and strong roots of large trees can eventually lead to damage to the insulating layer, which in turn will require repair and rebuilding the tank. Leaves falling from water from tree branches too close to the pond can lead to clogging and require regular cleaning. On clear days, trees or buildings will be reflected on the water surface. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the beautiful exterior in advance, so your eyes do not fall on a rough shed or dry fallen tree.
  4. Tank extension.   In the future you may come up with the idea that you need to increase the tank area, other functional and decorative elements. Therefore, it is advisable to predict the place for possible expansion of the tank in the ground manually.
  5. Electrification. If you plan to install lighting near or directly in a pond, or place an electric fountain or other moving structures, you should first worry that you will need all the necessary cables. It is best to place the wires underground and protect them with thick boxes or crimping.

Size selection

Choosing a place on the site that will have a pond in the garden, you should decide on the size of the future tank. Landscape design specialists do not make clear recommendations in this respect. However, a decorative pond on a summer cottage built on a summer cottage should not occupy more than 8-10% of the plot, as the larger design will look like a bulky and foreign object.

The depth of the pond in the garden depends on the purpose for which it is created and on the skills of the owner who equips the pond with his own hands on site. The photos posted below will help you choose.

Material selection

When adjusting ponds in the summer cottage area, you should carefully approach the material selection. There are many options which material is better to use to equip a small pond in the ground with your own hands.

The photos in the article and in the list below highlight the following main categories.

Concrete pond

Investment construction, which is the most expensive equipment of a pond in the country. Advantages of using this material include increased strength and durability of use.

Plastic container

The industrial mold made of high-strength plastic makes it possible to solve the question as soon as possible: how to make a pond in the ground with your own hands. Different shapes and sizes allow you to choose a variant suitable for the most demanding owner.

PVC foil or plastic foil

The use of these materials makes it possible to create a garden pond with absolutely any shape with their own hands. Disadvantages of this material include low resistance to external influences and short life

Butyl rubber membrane

Garden pond made from such a film you make for yourself longer than the decorative pond in the photo below made of polyethylene or PVC. When planning how to create a pond on site with your own hands, it should be taken into account that the membrane lifetime reaches 50 years and the increased resistance of butyl rubber to strong frost makes it a very profitable material.

To save money, you can use various improvised materials. An old bathtub, sink or car tire for a mini tank - these and other "folk" resources are used to create ponds in the ground. Our photo gallery will tell you more original ideas.

Necessary equipment

Depending on the functionality of the tank and the material it will be made of, the following tools may be needed during the creation process: shovel, trolley to carry excess soil, level, pins and a thick marking line as well as irrigation hoses. Such a set of tools will suffice to place the mini ponds in the ground with your own hands, as in the picture above. If the planned tank in the garden is considerable, it is worth assessing the feasibility of using construction equipment. For a fish pond or designed for a particularly long life, the installation of additional equipment may be justified:
  1. Aerator, saturating water with oxygen, essential for fish.
  2. Pump for filling or draining water.
  3. Cleaning filter.
  4. Equipment for sterilization of water and removal of dead algae.

Decoration with plants

Decorating the tank in the garden with plants is useful to understand that they are divided into those that are planted on the shore along the edges of the pond, and plants that live directly in the water. The root system of coastal plants will further strengthen the walls of the pond. When planting plants in a pond in the garden it is important to remember their growth, otherwise after a long absence there is a risk of finding a pond completely covered with dense carpet vegetation.


In order to decorate the pond in the garden with its own hands, in addition to various plants, beautiful stones and other decorative elements, a good backlight also has the use of backlight. The colorful glow that spreads underwater will create a beautiful ornament for your pond in the dark. Additional lighting can be placed above the water.

You can use different fountains as decoration for decorating the pond in the country with your own hands, as in the photo in the article. The functioning of the fountains is ensured by the operation of pumps that can be hidden at the bottom of the pond under the stones. Surface devices are also used. The pumps have different capacities, which affects the height and intensity of the water jets.


Decorative fish can be released into the pond at the dacha, when choosing them it is important to fully understand the conditions of their maintenance. You should buy these kinds of fish that get along well and are not hostile.

Care of the pond

Decorative pond in the country requires some care. Planted plants must be protected from the cold or moved to a warm room. For long periods of absence, the surface of the artificial reservoir in the ground should be covered with a special eye to protect it from debris. Leaves and other garbage that has fallen into the rural pond are caught by a net and in case of large amounts of sludge it is necessary to clean the tank. The water must be replenished regularly using a garden hose or an ordinary water bucket (unless specialized equipment is available).

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