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What are the signs before the hen lays her eggs?

Friends who have just learned to raise chickens will be very concerned about the question, what are the signs before the hens lay eggs? Everyone knows what signs there are for hens before they lay eggs. So what are the signs before hens lay eggs? The editor will briefly introduce the signs before the hen lays eggs.

Symptoms before hens lay eggs:
  The hen's mouth and cockade will be very bright before the hen lays the egg for the first time. The hen will look for nests in the next few days when she is about to lay eggs. She will look around and look at some corners. You can find it by touching the hen's buttocks, but when it is about to lay eggs, it will keep looking for nests and run around. If there is a fixed laying nest, he will enter the nest. Sound, and some hens will bark before laying eggs. 

  Do you know any signs before the hen lays her eggs? When you raise chickens, you should pay attention to the behavior of the hens to see if there are signs before the hens lay eggs. Once you find signs that the hens have laid eggs, you must prepare the nests for the hens in time to avoid hens. Run outside and lay eggs at will.

I believe that many of my friends who grew up in the countryside have such a doubt. Why do n’t hens raise cocks at home, but hens can lay eggs every day? Actually, there is a reason for this. You may not believe it, but it is so amazing!

We all know that most animals in nature reproduce by females and males. But in the chicken world, this breeding method can be ignored directly, because hens do not need the help of roosters to lay eggs. Why can they lay eggs by themselves? Chickens are eggs produced by hens that are oviparous animals, which is what we call eggs, so even without cocks, hens can ovulate normally under the regulation of their own physiological laws. Unlike other animals, hard-working hens lay eggs every day. That is, laying eggs, but these eggs are not fertilized. Although there is no difference in appearance from fertilized eggs, such unfertilized eggs cannot hatch chicks, so many children really want to take them. The idea of ​​chicks hatched from eggs sold on the market is very unrealistic, because the eggs that can usually hatch chicks will be collected by the breeder and uniformly incubated under thermal insulation. Many poultry farms The same is true if the hens successfully mate with the roosters before laying eggs.

  Fertilized eggs can be laid, and such eggs pass about 21 days of incubation.
  Chickens can be hatched. In order to ensure the fertilization rate of eggs, some farms will use artificial fertilization. That is to say, some hens have not seen roosters from birth to death, but the technology is not mature yet. The cocks have n’t begun to mass spread, and the cocks can still keep their jobs for a while.

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